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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Scrapghan- Travel Project


I was thinking about a project to do that would use up all the left-over yarn from previous projects. 


I wanted a project that was portable, since the plan was to work on the project while on vacation and on long car rides, (yes, I do crochet as a passenger in the car).

So, the scrapghan travel project was born.

What is a scrapghan?

              A scrapghan is a crochet Afghan made from scrap yarn.

Making a scrapghan is the perfect project for scrap yarn since.....

1. It is a great way to use up your scrap yarn and my scrap yarn bag was getting pretty full.

2. It gives you a chance to get creative and come up with all kinds of color combinations. You can use colors you never thought would look good together!

3. It can be a portable project, so it is great for travel, long car rides, or when you have to wait at appointments. 

4.You can use a granny square pattern! Granny squares are quick and easy to make, which makes them the perfect pattern to use for scrapghans. (If you don't like the granny square pattern, there are many other options out there).

                                Starting The Scrapghan

So, it began by getting the bag of scrap Dk yarn, (It is better to use the same yarn weight for your project), 3 skeins of Stylecraft Special Dk in Midnight-1011 which to put a frame around each square and to eventually join them together, a size G (4mm) crochet hook, yarn needle and scissors.

  Since I love granny squares, what better pattern to used then the

                                  Framed Granny Square

The squares for the scrapghan are being done with the framed granny square pattern, but in order to make the squares 3-1/2 " (8.9 cm) square, the pattern was done using round 1,2,3, and 5 (round 4 was omitted to make the squares smaller). But you can make your squares in any size!

                                 My First Set of Squares

At the beginning of September, I went on vacation and brought my scrap bag of yarn, crochet hook, scissors, and yarn needle. We had lots of time in the car driving, so I was able to crochet and here is what has been completed so far:

As you can see, colors were mixed, there was no rhyme or reason. The color choices for each square were done by randomly pulling scraps of yarn from the bag and putting them together. They are all framed in the midnight yarn, which will be used to eventually join the squares together.

I will keep you posted on the scrapghans progress. This project is a long term one, since it is a project set aside for travel.

It is so great to see what you can do with leftover scraps!

Have a hooky day!

*All images are copyright by Lynne Samaan and D60 Crochet, please do not use without permission, Thank you*

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