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Lip Balm Holder

Yarn:  About 12 yards (11 meters) of DK cotton yarn, (leftover scrap yarn will work well)

Tools: US Size E-4 (3.5 mm) crochet hook, stitch marker, yarn needle, scissors, measuring tape, key ring with clip (found on Amazon), and if needed button, needle and thread.



Finished Size:

3” (7.62 cm)  around and 2 ½" (6.35 cm) tall (will fit a lip balm 2” (5.08 cm) round by 2 ¾” tall (7 cm)

Stitch Guide:

Ch(s) - chain(s), sc - single crochet, st(s)– stitch(s)


Ch-1 does not count as a stitch

Beginning in round 3, the pattern is worked in the round without joining until the end of Rd 11


Make a magic ring (magic circle)

Rd 1: Ch 1, 5 sc into the ring, join to first sc, (5 sc)

Rd 2: Ch 1, 2 sc in each st around, join to first sc. (10 sc)

*note: at this point weave in the beg tail, as it will be hard to do as the lip balm holder gets taller.

Rd 3-11: Sc in the next st, place a stitch marker in the sc just made, sc in each st around. (10 sc)

*continue with each round moving the stitch marker up. Join at the end of round 11.

Rd 12: Ch 1, reverse sc in each st around, join to beg reverse sc, ch 5, thread the key ring over the ch-5, join to beg reverse sc. fasten off. (10 reverse sc)


Weave in the ends.

Embellish with buttons or other decorative items.

*Make as many Lip Balm holders as you like, but do not reproduce or sell this pattern. Please provide a link to the pattern or my blog when using this pattern on the internet*

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