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Friday, May 10, 2024

Flowery Lanyard

How many of you have to wear a Lanyard? Lanyards are something people wear at work, concerts, events, and even daily to hold keys. Before retirement, when I was teaching High school, many of the teachers wore lanyards to hold their keys and badges. We all wore ones that reflected our personalities. Some of the teachers wore lanyards with the school name and logo, some wore ones reflecting their favorite sports team, and others wore lanyards that were beyond the basic. Lanyards are not just for teachers or to wear to work, they are great for everyone to use to keep organized in style!
Here we go a skein, Fresh off the hook:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Flowery lanyard

This quick and easy lanyard uses basic crochet stitches and one special stitch called the shallow single crochet stitch (ssc),but no worries if you can sc you can do the shallow sc stitch.

Crochet lanyards can be customized by changing the flowers to stars or embellishing them with breads or buttons. If you do not want to embellish your  lanyard, you can make it in rainbow colors or red, white, and blue stripes. Whatever you choose to make it will be uniquely yours!

Have a hooky day! Lynne

*All images are copyright by Lynne Samaan and D60 Crochet, please do not use without permission, Thank you!  

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