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Thursday, August 17, 2023

Framed Granny Square

I hope you all participated in Granny Square Day 2023! I submitted pictures of the Cross Granny square and Small Daisy Granny square. It was exciting to see all the different granny squares from around the world!

Even though Granny Square Day has passed, I decided to devote my August posts to granny squares so here we go a-skein something fresh off the hook,

                               The Framed Granny Square

This is a traditional Granny Square with a black frame. The frame is done in half double crochet stitches in an even number around the entire square so joining your squares together will be much easier. 

Each square was done in different color combinations from bright yarn colors to blues and oranges. The color combinations for each square are as follows.

The Bright Granny was done in Stylecraft Special Dk yarn colors: 1257 Fiesta, 1114 Sunshine, 1256 Jaffa, 1068 Turquoise, 1002 Black.

The Purple Passion Square was done in Stylecraft Special DK yarn colors: 1425 Emperor, 1277 Violet, 1188 Lavender, 1432 Wisteria, 1002 Black.

The Blue Green square was done in Stylecraft Special DK yarn colors: 1001 White, 1034 Sherbet, 1422 Aspen, 1062 Teal, 1002 Black.

The Pumpkin Spice Square was done in Stylecraft Special DK colors: 1420 Camel, 1709 Gold, 1711 Spice, 1029 Copper, 1002 Black.

The Faded Orange Square was done in Stylecraft Special DK colors: 1256 Jaffa, 1132 Shrimp, 1026 Apricot, 1240 Soft Peach, 1002 Black.

                                          Three reasons Granny Squares are so popular:

1. Granny squares are unique in that the change of colors gives it a different look and the color combinations are endless. 

2. They have been used in all types of blankets, decorations, clothing, bags, and jewelry!

3. They are quick and easy to make and are good to take on trips since they take small amounts of yarn and are small enough to store in a bag or suitcase.

I have only listed three reasons why Granny squares are popular, but I am sure there are many more!

Have a hooky day,


 *All images are copyright by Lynne Samaan and D60 Crochet, please do not use without permission, Thank you*

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