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Friday, December 29, 2023

Scrapghan Update

Happy end of 2023! For my last post of 2023, I am reporting on the Scrapghan travel project. As mentioned in my post from September 28, 2023, I would be giving periodic updates on my Scrapghan. I was lucky enough to be able to visit my grandkids in Texas this week, so I had time to crochet on the plane.

So far I have been able to make 50, 4-row Framed Granny Squares and have started to join them together.

I tried different ways of joining the granny squares together, but for this project the single crochet join looked the best. This method gives some added dimension and texture to the Scrapghan since the single crochet does not lay completely flat.

I look forward to a new year of yarn, patterns, and lots of crochet.

Have a hooky day!


*All images are copyright by Lynne Samaan and D60 Crochet, please do not use without permission, Thank you!

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